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Founded by Mike Weinstein, Six Figure Mind Shift exists to help real estate agents find the entrepreneur within by changing the way they approach each day as a REALTOR®. Before there are systems, technology, real estate training and scripts, there must be the Mind Shift.

Real estate is an industry that is specifically designed for those with the entrepreneur mindset. It’s no surprise that the average licensed REALTOR® in America makes under $39,000 per year in real estate commissions. For many agents, the belief is that their success is derived from the programs,scripts and processes their real estate broker provides. No matter the tools in your agent tool belt, unless you think like and treat your business like an entrepreneur, true success will always escape you.

Six Figure Mind Shift can help you build the foundation of your real estate business by providing coaching and training that inspires, motivates and equips you. We partner with real estate agents from around the nation with the goal to help them become more profitable. Our goal is to help you become a successful real estate entrepreneur.

You can begin the process by registering on this site for our complimentary weekly Six Figure Mind Shift Blog. Each week you will receive a blog that will give you specific tips to help you think like and become a successful real estate entrepreneur. In addition, you will receive helpful marketing secrets that you can immediately implement in your current real estate marketing strategy.

Don’t settle for average. Let us partner with you, and together, we will help you become a six figure real estate agent.

-Mike Weinstein

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