Salesperson 2


It’s not necessarily more leads that agents need. It’s the skills to closing leads that is paramount. Closing is an art that takes years to master and there are many strategies and tactics expert salespeople use.

More thought should be given as to how you handle each prospect when it comes to closing the deal. One such tactic to consider is the 1-2-3 Close. This includes:

  1. Identify their top three needs. In sales, these are referred to as pain points. If you ask the right questions and spend time listening, your prospects will let you know their pain points, problems and needs. Make sure to repeat their top needs back to them. This lets them know that you are listening to their needs. 
  1. Explain how you can help them solve their problems. As an agent, we are simply problem solvers. Once you have identified their top problems, whether its price, location or possibly schools, explain how you specialize and can help them address these issues. They are looking for an expert, so be the expert. 
  1. Storify your pitch. As you identify how you can solve their problems, make sure to include stories of how you have helped other consumers in similar situations. You want them to note that if you helped other people with the same needs, you can surely help them. This will give them a sense of confidence in hiring you as their next agent.

When was the last time you sat in a timeshare presentation or bought a new car? These salespeople are specialists at their craft. However, their ability is not by accident. They undergo a tremendous amount of training. The best thing we can do as agents is to become students of the craft of selling.

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By Mike Weinstein, MBA