WinnerIt’s common for us as REALTORS® to limit the way we approach successful habits. Oftentimes we got lost in the real estate bubble. We need to think creatively and look to successful entrepreneurs outside our industry.

In truth, there is no difference between what we do and what other small business owners do, whether it’s a store owner, insurance agent or restaurant owner. Here are three tips any entrepreneur can follow to become more successful:

  1. Breaking down big goals into little ones. The bigger the goal the more intimidating it can be. First, identify goals in the order you intend to complete them. You then break them down into smaller objectives by detailing timelines when you can complete each task.   It’s important to write them down, preferably in a place where you can refer to.  It’s also important to say them out loud, talk to friends, mentors, and family.  Setting goals is about getting to your destination, so you need to be specific and have measurable goals, making sure that you can attain them. Goals need to be relevant, measurable, attainable, and time bound.  Setting goals is having intention. You will experience the sense of accomplishment as you work toward achieving the big goals.  Achieving goals isn’t just thinking about them or even writing them down. Goals need to be imagined. You need to visualize & imagine your success.  Reaching for committed goals can bring great satisfaction and success.  Accomplishing smaller goals leads to accomplishing bigger ones.
  1. Read about successful people: John Quincy Adams said, “if your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, then you are a leader.” Allow other peoples’ successes to inspire you. However, it begins by reading about them. So, read about all people that inspire you.  When reading about someone, focus on one or two attributes so that you can apply it in your own business.  The important thing to remember is that “we do not know everything.”  If you read, listen, engage with others who have achieved success you do not know what you will come away with. Something might just impress you or give you desire to create the outcome you are working toward.
  1. Read “Success” & “How To” books & blogs:  Don’t’ limit your reading material to your industry.  Read with the intent of becoming a more well-rounded entrepreneur. Consider material that focuses on entrepreneurship, effective sales tactics and marketing strategies.  Making time to read is important.  Books, blogs and websites are a great source of information.  They are fresh and concise with content.  Also, don’t forget about podcasts. There is great material you can digest while driving in your car. We get confidence when learning.  Exposing yourself to these mediums can set in motion the motivation for you to make a difference in your business.  Again, focus on being a well-rounded real estate entrepreneur.

Success starts with having the right entrepreneurial mindset. Get more great tips to helping grow your real estate business, order my new book, 21 Habits of the Highly Successful Real Estate Entrepreneur.

By Mike Weinstein, MBA