SalespersonIt’s not more leads that most agents need, it’s the knowledge, skills and tools necessary to close the ones they have. Closing the deal is one of the hardest things to do in sales, and for most agents, we lack the necessary training on how to close our prospects.

Most successful salespeople spend a great deal of time learning the art of sales. They oftentimes spend a lifetime committed to their craft. As you know. there are endless number of books on the subject. However, here are three simple tricks that can help you increase your closing ratio:

  1. Use humor. Everyone likes to laugh because it makes them feel good. In addition, studies show that laughter can reduce stress, especially during a sales pitch. Great salespeople understand that humor can equate to likeability, which in turn can equate to closing more deals. Consumers like to work with those they like. Spend time using humor when working with a new prospect or client. 
  1. Simplicity is the key. If you listen to Opendoor and OfferPads’s commercials, you will notice their focus on simplicity. They make the entire process of working with them sound convenient, easy and simple. This is a key component to their popularity. Consumers like simple, so make the process of working with you appear as simple as possible. Evaluate your processes and do what you can to simplify them. The nuances can always be presented after they commit to working with you. 
  1. Storify your pitch. There’s a reason that preachers, politicians and presenters use stories to empathize their points and/or value. Not only do stories emphasize your points, people simply like to hear stories. Take inventory of your successes, then craft each one into a story. Tell each prospect a story of how you have helped someone in a similar situation. You want them thinking that if you helped someone else, you can surely help them with their real estate needs. 

These are three simple tips. However, there is a great deal of science that goes into being an effective salesperson. As agents, we should each commit to becoming students to the art of sales.

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By Mike Weinstein, MBA