ChildYou are missing out on a great opportunity if you are not catering to kids who come with their parents to your open houses. Never underestimate the influence children have when it comes to the family’s next home purchase. Get them to like you.

All parents love those who pay attention to their kids. By getting the kids involved and having something special for them will leave a lasting impression on the entire family. Kids are oftentimes viewed as mere nuisances. Here are three unique and great tips to achieving this goal:

  1. Give them a property survey card. Why do we only give property survey cards to the adults. Make sure you give each child a card and get them involved by rating the house. Not only will they be better behaved, they are likely to give you some valuable insight. In addition, consider buying branded pens to give away to the entire family with your brand on them. 
  1. Branded coloring books. All small children love to color. Buy coloring books that you can brand with your logo and personal information. Not only will the kids love these, they are likely to keep them around for a long period of time. Just Google “Custom Coloring Book” to find some companies you can order them from. 
  1. The Treasure Chest. When I went to the dentist as a kid, I got to choose a prize from the treasure chest when I was done with my appointment. That experience left an impression on me, so I apply the same principle to my open houses. You can buy a plastic treasure chest on Amazon and fill it full of one-dollar toys from a store like Target. Let each child who comes through your open house to choose a prize. However, make sure to avoid anything with paint or markers. You could be doing some extra cleaning if you don’t.

There are so many ways to step up your open house game. Starting with the children is a great place to start. Don’t ignore them. Get them involved in the process. A happy kid makes a happy parent and a happy parent will remember you.

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By Mike Weinstein, MBA