Salesperson 3We tend to buy from those we trust. Are you evoking trust among your prospects or simply trying to sell yourself?

Whether you realize it or not, everyday we are getting sold something or trying to sell someone something. From family relationships to professional ones, selling is constantly going on around us. However, how effective is it? Here are three tips to consider when trying to sell yourself:

  1. Don’t oversell yourself. No one likes to feel like they are getting sold, especially if they are being oversold. This can lead to your prospects feeling resentful, which is the last emotion you want to evoke. Focus on the problems. As agents, we are problem solvers. In addition, your job is to provide value, advice and education. This is the best way to sell yourself. 
  1. Provide solutions to their challenges. The only way to be a problem solver is to understand what problems your clients are facing. The only way to do this is to listen to them carefully. If given enough time and the opportunity, your clients will let you know their true challenges and needs. Knowing the problems and challenges will give you the opportunity to show them that, not only are you listening to them, but will demonstrate you are an expert in your field by providing solutions to their specific problems. 
  1. Constant contact and communication. The most frustrating thing your client can experience is in not knowing. Your prospects want to be assured that you will be in constant communication with them. Establish upfront their preferred mode of communication and provide them constant updates during the entire buying/selling process. Also, set up a schedule so they know when they can expect to hear from you. If issues arise, hit them head-on. 

Selling is a science that demands to be mastered. You could spend hours just looking through websites, books and podcasts on the subject matter. However, some of the best tactics are the simple ones, like those above. Start with what is truly important to your clients rather than focusing on overselling yourself. You might be shocked with how quickly your prospects will begin to trust you.

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By Mike Weinstein, MBA