Pondering QuestionWe’ve all been there before – sitting across the table from prospects trying to deliver the right pitch that will get them to sign to proverbial dotted line. What is it they want to hear? How can I best position myself as the best choice to help them with their real estate needs?

However, we may be going about it all wrong.

Sales is about psychology. The best sales people in the world take the time to understand the person they are working with. Though we may think our sales pitch is spot on, have you ever wondered what your prospects are thinking and asking themselves about you? Here are three likely questions crossing their minds:

  1. Can I trust this person? Prospects are always wondering and sizing up salespeople to determine whether they are trustworthy. People only buy from those they trust. They want to know if you can empathize and truly understand that this is one of the biggest financial decisions they will ever make. Can they trust you to help them make this monumental decision? 
  1. Does this agent know what they are talking about? Just because you think you’re an expert and know what you are talking about, it doesn’t mean that you are leaving your prospects with that same impression. They want to know if you are truly knowledgeable or are you blowing smoke up their %#@? They best way to address this question is to actively listen to their needs. You don’t need to impress them with your extensive knowledge, you just need to remind them that you can help them meet their specific wants and needs. 
  1. Why should I use this person? How are they different from all the other agents? Do you differentiate yourself from the competition or do you simply blend in? Are your clients truly hearing you or are they hearing, “Blah, Blah, Blah?” There are many ways to do this, but it starts by considering your presentation style, materials, and personal brand. Answer this question, “Why should this person use me?” What is your value proposition? Do you provide anything that most agents don’t? If so, double down on it. 

Knowing the likely questions your prospects are asking themselves about you can transform they way you sell. Once you identify these questions, you can modify the way you present yourself by addressing potential concerns at the beginning of your relationship with them. It may impact what you say, change your presentation materials, and even change the way you dress. Sales is all about the other person, so make it about them.

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By Mike Weinstein, MBA