Content is kingContent is all around us. Whether it’s emails, social media posts, ads or blogs, we are constantly in the business of developing content that will help us secure new buyers and sellers. However, most of the content produced by agents that I see looks the same and lacks creativity.

As agents, we should be putting more thought into the content we create. Here are three great tips to consider before sending that next email or submitting that next post:

  1. The “YOU” attitude. The unfortunate reality is that consumers care very little about our sales volume, experience, designations or accolades. They care about themselves and their needs. Design your content for the reader by using the word “you” more than the words “I” and “me.” Leave them feeling that the content is about them. 
  1. Put yourself in their shoes. It’s not about your personal wants and needs. It’s about what your consumers are looking for and needing. Close your eyes and put yourself in the shoes of your buyers and sellers when creating your content. Try to remember what it’s like to be a consumer. Don’t write from an agent’s perspective. 
  1. Use strategic headlines and subject lines. Titles and subject lines are the most important part of your content. What good does the content do if the recipient doesn’t read it or open it? Spend time developing compelling subject lines, blog titles, post card headlines and social media headlines. Here is a great tool to ranking the emotional effectiveness of your subject lines. Just copy and paste and it will generate an emotional score for you. Go to Aminstitutecom/headline for your score. The title of this blog got a score of 50, which is very good. 

They say content is king (or queen). I would highly agree with this statement. Your content may be the only chance to reach certain consumers, so spend time developing an effective content strategy.

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By Mike Weinstein, MBA