shutterstock_646100272We are constantly sending and receiving emails. Many of the emails we send are designed to turn prospects into leads and leads into closings. However, how much do you pay attention to how well your emails are crafted?

Just like selling yourself in person or on the phone, there’s an art to when it comes to writing sales emails. Here are three simple tips to writing more effective emails.

  1. Write like a third-grader. I spent years writing for attorneys and it was a constant battle to convince them that no one is impressed by big words and sentences. The last thing you want to do is force a reader to have to look up the meaning of a word, especially when it comes to real estate terms. Remember, it’s doubtful they will take the time to. Keep your emails short and simple and write them in such a way that a third-grader would understand.
  1. Keep subject lines short. Experts suggest that nearly half of all emails are read on a mobile device, so you want to keep your subject lines under seven words. That is the maximum amount of words that will show up on most phones. You don’t want them to have to guess what the rest of the subject line is. Chances are they will simply delete and move on.
  1. Don’t include Re: in the subject line…unless. Nothing screams SPAM more than including Re: in your subject line. People tend to delete these emails without reading the rest of the subject line. If they won’t read the subject line, then obviously they won’t read the contents of your email. However, I always use Re: when it involves a mutual acquaintance. If people recognize a common name they will be more inclined to open the email. For instance, let’s say we both knew Bob Smith. My subject line may include Re: Bob Smith. This would not scream SPAM and you would probably want to know what Bob Smith has to do with this email.

Another thing to keep in mind when considering your subject lines is using words and phrases that illicit the right emotion. Here is a great tool I use for almost all my emails: The original subject line for this email was, 3 Tips for Writing Sales Emails and it got a score of  16.67%. I switched it to the current subject line and my score jumped to 57.14%. Which one is better?

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By Mike Weinstein, MBA