BuyerWhat do you do to help your sellers get ready to sell? Our goal should be to help them sell their house in the quickest amount of time for the most amount of money.

However, many sellers aren’t addicted to HGTV or know how to get ready to sell. There are many strategies when it comes to preparing for a sell. Here are three tips that I always used with sellers:

  1. The 15-second rule. First impressions are everything, especially when it comes to selecting a home. A buyer will oftentimes decide on whether they like the house or not within the first 15-seconds. For starters, you sellers need to consider curb appeal. Have your sellers hop in your car, drive around the block and then pull up to their house pretending to be a buyer. What do they see? This will help them get their yard read to show. Also, have them walk into the house the way a buyer would (normally through the front door). Ask them what they see. What looks good and what doesn’t? If your seller has limited funds to improve the home, have them focus on the items that will leave a positive first impression. 
  1. De-clutter. Buyers are looking for space, so it’s imperative that your sellers de-clutter their home. Have them focus on the master closet and kitchen (other closets as well). Provide them with some moving boxes (consider having these boxes personally banded to you) so they can start packing the items they will not need during the selling process. A cluttered house will appear a lot smaller to a prospective buyer. 
  1. Focus on flooring and paint. Dirty floors and paint can be one of the biggest turnoffs to a buyer. Even if their budget is limited, your seller should consider having the flooring professional cleaned. They should also touch-up the paint where needed. If the flooring and paint is in bad shape, they may need to consider replacing and repainting. Buyers don’t want to have to refloor or repaint before moving in. Make the property move-in ready. 

There’s a lot more that goes into preparing a home for sell, but these tips are great starting points. Remember, it’s our job to educate our sellers. Education breeds trust and referrals.

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By Mike Weinstein, MBA