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You goal is to help sellers sell their homes in the shortest amount of time for the most amount of money. However, it’s also our job to advise our sellers on how to prepare their homes to achieve the stated objective.

One of the most popular tips we provide sellers is to declutter their home, but don’t provide them with specific instructions and rational as to why this is so important. Here are three decluttering tips you can use to help your sellers get ready to list:

  1. Pack the crap. For starters, you can help them get started by providing moving boxes. Some moving companies will provide your clients free boxes. If you take a lot of listings you might be able to afford to buy your own branded moving boxes. This is a great way to brand your company. Have them start packing the clutter, especially those things they absolutely don’t need, and get it out of the house. This will help make the house look bigger and more organized.
  1. Start packing the kitchen. Many deal are lost over the size and layout of the kitchen. Have then start packing everything in the kitchen that is not necessary, especially if you feel that the kitchen is small. Have them focus on counter spaces, cabinets and the cupboard. Clear counter spaces and organized storage areas always make a kitchen look bigger. Also, don’t forget to organize and clean the refrigerator, even if it doesn’t convey. A gross refrigerator can leave a lasting negative impression on a potential buyer.
  1. Closets are important. Don’t allow your seller to throw all the clutter in the closets. Explain to them that closets are a big deal for buyers. Buyers are concerned where they are going to put their own crap and will take the time to open and assess closet space. Have them pack as much stuff form the closets as possible ahead of time. Bigger and organized closets can go a long way in marketing a property.

So where should your seller put the clutter? For starters, the garage is probably not the answer. The same rules apply – don’t have a cluttered garage. The best option is to rent a storage space on a temporary basis. It’s cheap and convenient. However, this is where you can be the hero. What if you had a storage space or two rented at all times for your clients’ boxed clutter? It’s inexpensive and can be used as a great marketing offer. They just might tell their friends about the great service they received from their agent.

Getting a house ready to be listed can be stressful for a seller. Now you can help make the process easier by helping them prepare their house for a quick sale.

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