Emials 2Are the emails you’re sending to prospects getting opened and read? Probably not if you are violating some of the standard rules when it comes to writing effective sales emails.

In this blog, we continue the discussion on how to write effective emails that increase the chances of having them opened and read. What’s the point if your recipients delete your emails without consideration:

  1. Don’t check in or follow up. It’s tempting to put “just checking in” or “just following up” in your subject lines. I’m guilty of this infraction. Unfortunately, it’s lazy, uninformative and quickly discarded. Take the time to personalize each email you send. Try to peak their interest.
  1. Catch typing, spelling and grammar mistakes. Your writing skills are a reflection of your professionalism. The fact that you may not be a published author doesn’t mean you can’t take the time to ensure your emails are free from spelling and grammar mistakes. Prospects may lack confidence in your ability to write contracts on their behalf if your emails are sloppy and poorly written. A great paid service that I use is grammarly.com.
  1. Avoid rambling on. Pour yourself in their shoes. How far down an email do you read before giving up or wishing the sender would simply get to the point. Your readers are no different. Keep your emails short and simple. The same goes for blogs and social media posts.

No one is perfect. I thought I would make this point incase this blog contains errors – Don’t judge. If you missed last week’s blog, 3 Tips To Writing Emails to Prospects, Part 1, simply click HERE.

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By Mike Weinstein, MBA