Goals 2018December is a great month to start planning for the new year. Since many Top Producers are finding the Holiday season slow, they are setting aside time to set their 2018 priorities.

We all know that setting goals is paramount to our success. However, the process can oftentimes prove overwhelming. That is why you should keep it simple. Here are three top suggestions for you to focus on in 2018:

  1. Master your CRM. Last year we talked about the importance of getting a CRM. This is the year to focus on mastering it. It’s not enough to just have one. Your CRM is the lifeblood of your business. Mastering your CRM ensures that no leads fall through the cracks. Obviously, if you don’t have one yet, get one. You know you have mastered your CRM when you can get in front of a room full of agents and train them on how to use it. 
  1. Set a marketing budget for 2018. There’s no way around it – it takes money to make money. That is a reality that all business owners learn. Unfortunately, many agents market based on whims. They tend to throw money at the next shiny object (oftentimes without a strategy). Consider and plan your 12-month marketing strategy for the new year and allocate marketing dollars each month to promote your business. In addition, consider setting aside a percentage of each commission to invest back into your business. This is how you grow your business. 
  1. Focus on marketing activities that revolve around building strong relationships. Almost every top producer I work with attribute their success to the strong relationships they build with their SOI and past and present clients. This is their secret to building a referral-based business. Marketing is more than Zillow, postcards, flyers, Facebook ads, etc. The best marketing you can do is creating events and activities where you are building relationships through touch. Allocate a portion of your marketing dollars to creating loyalty, referrals and staying top of mind. Some ideas for the holiday season, include: 
  • Delivering pies
  • Delivering turkeys
  • Hosting a wine tasting party
  • Delivering 2018 calendars
  • Client appreciation party

The list can go on and on, but you can see the value of creating events that enhance your ability to build loyalty and relationships with your SOI. This is marketing.

The worst thing you can do for your business is not assessing 2017 and then making plans for 2018. You are your own marketing, so take the time to strategize on how you will market your business. You won’t be disappointed.

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By Mike Weinstein, MBA