BrandingUnfortunately, there is very little training offered to us as agents in the way of creating an effective and unique brand for our businesses. Oftentimes, there is a great deal of confusion as to the difference between branding and marketing. However, there is a distinct difference between the two.

The first step is to create a brand. Only then can you build a successful marketing campaign. So, what are the overriding goals and how does a well thought out brand help you? Here are three ways a brand helps accomplish your goals:

  1. A brand helps you stand out from your competitors. Your goal is for your future clients to recognize you and your business. We all know Nike when we see their swish. Because it’s unique and consistent, consumers recognize it when they see it. That is why having a consistent name, logo, colors, marketing materials, etc. is so important. 
  1. When given a choice, consumers will oftentimes pick the brand they are most familiar with. Recognizability leads to familiarity. Your consumers are likely to select you as their agent if you are the one they are most familiar with. This is the key to a successful marketing campaign. That is why agents who consistently farm a specific neighborhood with a familiar brand are so successful. 
  1. Whether a buyer or seller knows you, they are likely to trust you more if they are familiar with you. The ultimate goal for every company that markets is to build trust among their consumers. This is a great way to establish a relationship with your prospects before they ever get to know you. Trust is always the best way to establish any new relationship. 

There is so much more that goes into developing an effective branding and marketing strategy. As I mentioned above, agents have limited access to training opportunities on the subject. That is why I am excited to announce our April 12th Branding & Marketing Power Lunch in Scottsdale.

Each speaker is an expert when it comes to creating effective brands. They work with and represent some of the most successful business in Arizona and the nation. To learn more or to reserve your spot, go to

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By Mike Weinstein, MBA