Coffee Shop 2We all know that coffee shops, such as Starbucks, can be a great place to meet prospective buyers and sellers. However, striking up a conversation about real estate with a perfect stranger can be more difficult that it seems.

Rather than going up to strangers, what if you could have them come to you? What a dream scenario. Here are three creative ways to engage with potential leads the next time you are sitting at a table at your local coffee shop:

  1. Ask me anything about real estate sign. I’m reminded of the story Commissioner Judy Lowe tells about her time as a new agent in the San Diego area. Though some of the details escape me, I do remember the basic storyline. She created and wore a shirt at the San Diego airport that said something like, “Ask me anything about San Diego real estate.” She said it helped launch her career because she had so many people stop her to ask questions about the local market. Consider creating an “Ask me anything about real estate” sign for your table. Put it in an acrylic sign holder and place it at the front of your table. You might be surprised to find that people may have questions about buying, selling and the overall market. Be their source of information. 
  1. FREE instant home valuation sign. Just like above, create a sign that offers free home valuations. All homeowners want an accurate picture of what their home is worth. Have your laptop opened to RPR and be ready to instantly create mini reports for them. Once the report is created, offer to send them their free report via email. You will now capture their name and email address. Don’t forget to ask for their phone number. If you have your own free mobile app, share it to their phone. 
  1. Have something of value at your table. The one thing I learned through my years of doing radio is that people like free stuff. A great value proposition would be to offer free homebuyer and seller guides. Most title companies offer them. However, make sure you pay for the personal branded guides. It does you little good to have something to give away that is not branded to you and includes your contact information. Other branded items you could give away, include coffee mugs, frisbees, padfolios, etc. 

Most agents can’t afford to pay rent for an office. For the price of a daily cup of coffee, you can now have your own office where dozens of potential clients come to you.

All agents must make the transition from being a salesperson to a business owner. For more great tips to becoming a real estate entrepreneur, order my new book, 21 Habits of the Highly Successful Real Estate Entrepreneur.

By Mike Weinstein, MBA