Marketing 6Many agents don’t realize that one of their primary roles includes doing the work of a Chief Marketing Officer (CMO). Though many of us may lack the marketing experience and/or education, we are thrust into an industry that requires keen marketing skills.

One of the secrets to effective marketing is focusing on creativity. Not all effective marketing mediums require a lot of money. In fact, some don’t require any. Here is the continuation from my previous blog, 3 Ways to Market Your Business Without Money, Part 1,  on how you can market your real estate business without a lot of cash:

  1. Blog about your business. Though you may never dominate Google’s search engine result pages, there is tremendous value in blogging. The goal of a blog is to drive people to your website, so make sure your website includes blogging capabilities. Focus on writing blogs that would be of interest to a consumer. Once you post your blog, send the link out via email and post it on social media. Consumers need to get used to searching for properties from your website rather than Zillow, Trulia &
  1. Volunteer as your brand. It’s not a mystery that consumers, no matter what industry, prefer companies/brands that have a reputation for giving back. Make your brand known as one that supports their local community by volunteering at your favorite charity’s events and functions. Make sure you are involved as your brand, not simply as a person. This will ensure you get exposure and draw attention to your business. Make sure to post about all the ways you are giving back. This will make consumers feel good about your business.
  1. Rent a booth at a local event or tradeshow. Not all booths cost a lot of money – some are free. Look for local events where you are able set up a booth for your brand. This is a great way to let the community know about your brand. It could be a family event at your child’s school, HOA, at your church or a farmers market. However, make sure you carefully consider the marketing materials that you provide. They should be professional, simple to understand and something that adds value. Consider something to entice your audience to give you their personal information, such as giveaways like branded frisbees, homebuyer books, sports bottles, etc.

As a reminder, make sure to input contact information for every person you meet into your CRM. Make sure to include everything you can remember about your conversation and set alerts to follow up with them.

To think like a creative marketer is to think like an “entrepreneur.” For more great tips to enhancing your real estate business, order my new book, 21 Habits of the Highly Successful Real Estate Entrepreneur.

By Mike Weinstein, MBA