3 Tips to Writing Emails to Prospects, Part 2

Are the emails you're sending to prospects getting opened and read? Probably not if you are violating some of the standard rules when it comes to writing effective sales emails. In this blog, we continue [...]

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3 Tips To Writing Emails To Prospects

We are constantly sending and receiving emails. Many of the emails we send are designed to turn prospects into leads and leads into closings. However, how much do you pay attention to how well your [...]

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How & Where You Can Get New Ideas?

Some of us our just one idea away from catapulting our businesses through the stratosphere. Others are looking for one idea to taking something that is working well and turning it into something great. So [...]

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Making Your Open Houses Come to Life During the Holidays

The holiday season is one of the best times of year to generate leads through effective open houses. However, the same old, same old open houses will generate the same old, same old responses. The [...]

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3 Tips to Getting Your Sellers Ready to List

You goal is to help sellers sell their homes in the shortest amount of time for the most amount of money. However, it’s also our job to advise our sellers on how to prepare their [...]

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3 Things Your Prospects Are Asking About You

We’ve all been there before – sitting across the table from prospects trying to deliver the right pitch that will get them to sign to proverbial dotted line. What is it they want to hear? [...]

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