3 Things You Should be Listening for During Your Next Presentation

Lost to most salespeople, especially agents, is the art of listening. The more you listen the more you can learn and earn. Listening is one of the most difficult skills in communications to have and [...]

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3 Effective Tips for Your Next Open House

If you have been holding open houses and not getting the response you desire, you might be doing them wrong. There are plenty of agents who hold open houses regularly and who experience great success. [...]

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3 Different Ways to Achieve Success

It’s common for us as REALTORS® to limit the way we approach successful habits. Oftentimes we got lost in the real estate bubble. We need to think creatively and look to successful entrepreneurs outside our [...]

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What Buyers and Sellers are looking for in an Agent

Being successful in sales comes down to truly understanding your target audience. Yet, very little credence is ever given to understanding what buyers and sellers are looking for in a real estate agent. The world [...]

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3 Ways to Market Your Business Without Money, Part 2

Many agents don’t realize that one of their primary roles includes doing the work of a Chief Marketing Officer (CMO). Though many of us may lack the marketing experience and/or education, we are thrust into [...]

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3 Ways to Market Your Business Without Money, Part 1

It’s tempting to start throwing a lot of money towards marketing your real estate business. Though it takes money to make money, there are certain things you can do to market yourself and your brand [...]

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