If I Could Start All Over, Part 1

Have you ever wondered where you would begin if you could start real estate all over again? Perhaps you are somewhat new to the industry and wonder how to effectively build a successful business. I [...]

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Does Your Marketing PURR Like A Kitten?

Certain questions should be asked with every piece of marketing collateral we produce. It’s not enough just to feel good that we are posting to social media, canvassing a neighborhood, or creating flyers. Each piece [...]

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3 Tips to Approaching Your Marketing Strategy

Creating an effective marketing strategy and voice can be a daunting and frustrating process. Though marketing and advertising is a multibillion dollar industry, most real estate agents fail to pay enough attention to their audience [...]

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Know Your Fixed Expenses by Eric Gallagher

Every agent recalls how much it costs to actually say you are a REALTOR®, licensed by the State of Arizona. Prelicensing school, test fees, DRE fees and Board fees. These are effectively one-time business start-up [...]

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Just Keep Going

This is my favorite tip in my book, because it perfectly illustrates who I believe I am to the core as an entrepreneur. If you grasp only this concept, you will find a certain level [...]

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The Magic of Simply Starting

There is a lot of freedom in simply doing something – just starting. For most agents, the new year is about building business plans, developing strategies and setting goals. However, moving forward can be paralyzing, [...]

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