Book Licensing

Become the Author of Your Own Book Without Having to Write a Single Word!

Your competitors are leaving their prospects with plain old business cards that are easily thrown away. What if your business card was a lead generation tool helping you make more money? What if your business card was a book, not easily tossed aside? What if you had a book and never had to pen a word. We have your solution.

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About Our Program

As someone who works with and helps other radio talk show hosts and real estate agents grow their businesses, I know agents are always looking for new ways to generate more leads and become more profitable.

Unfortunately, It’s the “same old same old” in the world of real estate marketing. Agents are competing for the same leads using the same tactics. Whether it’s Zillow, open houses, neighborhood canvassing or social media marketing, agents need something new. What if there was a unique lead generation hook that would set you apart from your competition and give you an edge?

Our unique book licensing program does just that. It can give you the exclusive rights to the use of your own unique printed book with your own book title, cover, testimonial page and about the author page within your market.

Future buyers and sellers will be more willing to provide you with their personal information in exchange for your FREE book. Imagine you and your team having more leads to work, covert and close, while increasing your profitability and personal wealth.  All of this while you get to reap the benefits of being an author.

Having Your Own Book Allows You To:

  • Build instant credibility.
  • Differentiate yourself from your competitors.
  • Leave a lasting impression.
  • Establish yourself as a subject-matter expert.
  • Create the perception that you are a celebrity.
  • Educate your consumers.
  • Gain recognition as an author.
  • Convert more prospects into closings.
  • Drive more Internet traffic to the destination of your choice.

Use Your Book:

  • At your next open house.
  • In your next Social Media campaign.
  • On your new radio show.
  • As giveaways at trade shows
  • At networking events.
  • To meet prospects at your favorite coffee shop.
  • Use your creativity, the options are endless!

The Package

Here’s what you get with your book licensing package:

  • Licensed rights to use a lead generating real estate book.
  • No other agent in your area will have the rights to your content.
  • Annual first right of refusal for renewal.
  • Custom book title.*
  • Custom book cover .*
  • Custom back cover.
  • Custom About the Author page and back page.
  • Custom book title header.
  • Custom testimonial page.
  • 150 initial books.
  • Invitation to the annual 6FMS Think Tank.
  • Invitation to 6FMS’s Secret Facebook Page.

*Based per state. No other agent in your state will share your book title and book cover.

The Process

Our team of publishers and real estate experts work with you to:

  • Select & license your content.
  • Create your book title.
  • Create your book cover.
  • Design your testimonial page.
  • Create your About the Author page and back page.
  • Review your final draft.
  • Send you your first order of books.
  • Order more books when ready.

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