The Rise of the iBuyer & Others

I’ve been pondering the iBuyer epidemic for quite a while, especially with the emergence of Zillow’s Instant Offers. Why are companies such as Opendoor and Offerpad gaining so much traction? Why are discount brokerages and flat fee programs gaining market share? It’s a trust factor. My argument is based on two basic marketing principles. First, [...]

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3 Tips to Writing Emails to Prospects, Part 2

Are the emails you're sending to prospects getting opened and read? Probably not if you are violating some of the standard rules when it comes to writing effective sales emails. In this blog, we continue the discussion on how to write effective emails that increase the chances of having them opened and read. What’s the [...]

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3 Tips To Writing Emails To Prospects

We are constantly sending and receiving emails. Many of the emails we send are designed to turn prospects into leads and leads into closings. However, how much do you pay attention to how well your emails are crafted? Just like selling yourself in person or on the phone, there’s an art to when it comes [...]

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How & Where You Can Get New Ideas?

Some of us our just one idea away from catapulting our businesses through the stratosphere. Others are looking for one idea to taking something that is working well and turning it into something great. So where can these ideas be found? Fortunately, great ideas are all around us. We just have to be in the [...]

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Making Your Open Houses Come to Life During the Holidays

The holiday season is one of the best times of year to generate leads through effective open houses. However, the same old, same old open houses will generate the same old, same old responses. The holiday season offers certain opportunities than other times of year due to the nature of the holidays. This is a [...]

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3 Tips to Getting Your Sellers Ready to List

You goal is to help sellers sell their homes in the shortest amount of time for the most amount of money. However, it’s also our job to advise our sellers on how to prepare their homes to achieve the stated objective. One of the most popular tips we provide sellers is to declutter their home, [...]

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3 Things Your Prospects Are Asking About You

We’ve all been there before – sitting across the table from prospects trying to deliver the right pitch that will get them to sign to proverbial dotted line. What is it they want to hear? How can I best position myself as the best choice to help them with their real estate needs? However, we [...]

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Closing the Deal, Part 2

Imagine being able to close more prospects while talking to fewer people. The more people you speak with, the better your chances of closing a deal are. However, knowing the subtle tricks that master closers use can improve your closing ratio exponentially. In this blog, we continue the conversation on closing the deal. Here are [...]

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Closing the Deal, Part 1

I know that I have said it many times before, but please indulge me as I say it again, “It’s not necessarily more leads that we need, it’s learning how to close the leads we get that is paramount.” I can’t imagine how much money is left on the table by agents who lacks the [...]

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3 Tips on Midyear Goal Setting

Most of us set goals at the beginning of each year. However, goal setting should not be limited to just one time per year. As the middle of the year rapidly approaches, this is a great time to assess and plan for the second half of 2018. Goal setting can prove monotonous. Here are three [...]

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