Some of us our just one idea away from catapulting our businesses through the stratosphere. Others are looking for one idea to taking something that is working well and turning it into something great. So where can these ideas be found?

Fortunately, great ideas are all around us. We just have to be in the right place at the right time with the right mindset. Here are three great strategies to discovering your next big idea:

  1. Network with likeminded people in the industry. One of the biggest barriers holding most agents back is isolation. A lot of agents are working from home. However, some of your best ideas are going to come from those navigating the same trenches as you. Make sure to network with agents who are performing at a higher level than you. They have a lot of insight to offer. Also, consider other sales people from other industries. Remember, sales is sales.
  1. Come with an agenda. Just hanging out with colleagues may not be enough. Have a specific agenda whenever you are around other likeminded professionals. For starters, make it your goal to walk away with at least one idea you can implement into your business. Also, come with a specific topic in mind to discuss. Let them know you would love their thoughts on the topic. You will be amazed by how much other agents will want to share. This will force you to ask the right questions.
  1. Leverage strategic events and places. Now that you know who to network with and why, it’s time to strategize on where to go. You should attend, join and/or form at least one mastermind group to participate in. The goal of these groups is to share ideas. Also, consider attending any events, such as panels, workshops and conferences that feature top producing agents. Consider spending more time at the office and on home tours. It becomes quite a different experience when you show up with the right mindset.

It’s a great temptation for agents to isolate themselves and worry about sharing their own idea. Just remember, there are no new ideas – just modifications of old ones. So, don’t be hesitant to share. Plus, the more open you are the more open others will be with you.

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By Mike Weinstein, MBA