Facebook for Business (ed)A lot of agents say that Facebook doesn’t work. However, many agents are closing deals left and right due to their effective social media marketing campaigns. They are simply picking the right message and the right audience.

If I were to do my real estate business all over, I would start with my neighborhood and I would start with Facebook.

In my, If I Could Start All Over, Part 1 blog, I discuss the importance of having and mastering an effective CRM. In, If I Could Start All Over, Part 2, I discuss the important of finding a coach, mentor or joining a team to help jumpstart your real estate career. In, If I Could Start All Over, Part 3, I discussed the importance of having an effective sphere of influence strategy.

Most top producers believe that a successful agent starts with “owning” their own neighborhood. However, canvassing a neighborhood takes time, money and precious resources. But an agent can start the process by utilizing Facebook for free.

You can leverage Facebook by creating a neighborhood closed Facebook page. Though there may be several in your neighborhood, most don’t include the majority of the neighbors. There is always room for another that is more informative and engaging.

Determine ahead of time what the page will be about. Consider what neighbors would want out of a Facebook page. They may want current neighborhood events, a place to discuss concerns and may want to know about coming shopping & restaurant attractions. Your Facebook page should be about providing neighbors a place for information and a place to express their voices. You should be very active on this page.

Make sure you have at least 10 posts before you start inviting your neighbors to join. Once you are ready to launch the page, start walking the neighborhood each night and inviting at least 10 neighbors to join. Do not walk the neighborhood as an agent, but rather as a concerned neighbor. People will be more inclined to join. Make sure to visit and invite anyone who recently moves into the neighborhood. This is a great opportunity to get to know your future clients.

You may also want to consider a mailed letter inviting people to join your new page. If it’s more about the purposes of the page rather than about real estate, more people with join.

The best part is you are the admin of the page. You get to control all content to ensure no other agents are marketing their services. It’s up to you how aggressively you promote your business, but I prefer the passive aggressive approach. You will eventually become known as the neighborhood specialist and people will eventually learn that you are the real estate expert. Perhaps one day you can sell the page to another neighbor.

This will also open the door once you start implementing a traditional neighborhood canvassing strategy that should include monthly postcards and/or flyers. Your brand will be easily recognizable and will easily rise to the top and people will know that they can come to you with their real estate questions and needs.

This strategy is a lot of work, but many agents have implemented this strategy effectively. They are closing deals as a result.

Being a real estate entrepreneur is about thinking outside the box. Entrepreneurs are willing to put in the time and stay focused on the tasks at hand. For more great tips to enhancing your real estate business, order my new book, 21 Habits of the Highly Successful Real Estate Entrepreneur.

By Mike Weinstein, MBA