Coach 3It’s not about whether you can close deals or not, it’s about how quickly you can close your first ones and put money into your checking account.

It should go without saying that if you are newer to the real estate industry, getting a coach, mentor or joining a team is a must. With all the things that go into marketing, prospecting, and writing contracts, the thought of doing it alone can prove paralyzing, and oftentimes, catastrophic.

However, it shouldn’t stop there. No matter your experience level, a coach and mentor can always help increase your production level.

In my, If I Could Start All Over, Part 1 blog, I discussed the importance of having and mastering an effective CRM. The second thing I would do if I could start all over would be to ensure I had an experienced person who could help me expedite my success.

As a real estate team leader, coach, mentor and executive, I am constantly asked by agents about how to increase their personal business. For the new agents, they want to know how and where to begin. For producers, they want to know how they can double their business.

My answer is always the same – find someone who can help. As with any sport, no matter how good the athlete is, quality coaching is required.

Coaching can come in many forms. For some, it’s truly that, coaching. For others, they want a more interactive approach that a good mentoring program can provide. Joining a team can also serve as a great option. No matter your situation, going about it alone can, and will lengthen your timetable to achieving your goals. All of the top agents I have encountered over the years required some level of assistance at different points in their journey. That is why they are top producers.

To this day, I have a variety of business coaches and advisors that I lean on. I consider all of them a pivotal part of who I am. At times they serve as sounding boards, and other times they provide me with great business ideas and resources. Still, at other times they simply give me the kick in the butt that I need.

One of the biggest mistakes I observe in real estate agents, even by some of my top producing friends, is the stubbornness of seeking help, support and counsel. In some cases, it comes down to pride. And for others it comes down to their shortsightedness when it comes to finances.

Recently I had a new agent tell me they wouldn’t join our company’s coaching program because she didn’t want to give up a percentage of her first three closings. I simply told her that I could not help her. I’m not sure how to help an agent with that type of mindset. Coaching, mentorship or joining a team is an investment in your future, not an expense.

Remember, 0 + 0 always equals 0, while 100 – 30 puts money in your pocket. Again, you can’t think of coaching, mentoring or joining a team as a paid service. It’s an investment in your business. It takes money to make money. The knowledge you gain can drastically shorten the time it will take for you to achieve your goals.

It’s all about running our own businesses. For more great tips to enhancing your real estate business, order my new book, 21 Habits of the Highly Successful Real Estate Entrepreneur.

By Mike Weinstein, MBA