Client 4Have you ever wondered what top producers do to secure listings, as well as what they do while they have listings?

I get the honor of leading mastermind groups for top producers around the Valley on a regular basis. Recently, I led a discussion on top producers handle listing appointments and what strategies they use while they have a home on the Market. Here are six of those tips:

  • Include a formal bio: Your listing kit should include a formal bio on yourself. Include your experience, background and why you love to work with buyers and sellers. You will also want to get personal. Let them get to know you. However, your bio should not be in a resume format and should not be more than one page.
  • Ask them what they think their home is worth first. Sellers already have an idea of what they think their home is worth before you meet with them. Ask them before you meet with them and/or before you show them any comps. You will be better prepared if the numbers differ drastically.
  • Check the Zestimate. You can count on the fact that your potential seller has been on Zillow and knows their Zestimate. Again, you need to know what they think their home is worth before walking in. If the Zestimate is higher, you need to be prepared to explain how Zestimates work and why your estimated value is more credible. Just Google “accuracy of Zestimates.”
  • Use professional photos. No matter how good your camera on your cell phone is, there is no substitute for the quality of professional pictures. Consumers know the difference and offering to have professional photos taken can provide you with a valuable advantage over your competitors during your listing presentation.
  • Use threshold pricing. Savvy consumers are not fooled by a list price of $249,000 over $250,000. Stick with the even numbers. Also, using this pricing model, you would eliminate buyers who search for homes at $250,000 and above.
  • Be strategic with the first five photos you upload. Many agents make the mistake by uploading the pictures in the order they take them. If you follow this model, then the first five pictures will generally be of the same thing – the front of the house. Some online sites limit the number of pictures they will scrape from the MLS, leaving five pictures of the same thing for consumers to view. Also, consumers may limit the number of pictures they at. Make sure the first five pictures you upload show the best features of the property.

Top producers are top producers for a reason. They have discovered certain secrets that help them succeed at a higher level. Learn from them.

Top producers also understand that they are business owners – entrepreneurs. For more great insights into being a real estate entrepreneur, order my book, 21 Habits of the Highly Successful Real Estate Entrepreneur.

By Mike Weinstein, MBA