Six Figure Mind Shift exists to help real estate agents embrace the entrepreneur within by helping them understand that they are real estate entrepreneurs, not simply licensed agents. Book 6FMS now for your next training event. 6FMS specifically caters to:
– Real estate teams.
– Real estate groups and brokerages.
– Vendors looking to sponsor a real estate agent event.
– Keynote events.
– Vendors looking for training to help their representatives maximize their sponsorship opportunities.



Embracing the Entrepreneur Within

There are two types of agents: Those who get it and those who don’t. Most agents get into real estate because they want to make their own hours and don’t want anyone looking over their shoulder or telling them what to do. The biggest challenges facing agents is they get to make their own hours and they have no one looking over their shoulder or telling them what to do.

Real estate is an industry specifically designed for those with the entrepreneur mindset. In this module, attendees will be challenged to acknowledge and embrace the entrepreneur mind shift. They will learn the key entrepreneur habits that successful real estate agents practice. Email at for pricing and availability.

Developing Your Elevator Pitch

Are your agents truly prepared when someone asks, “So, what do you do for a living?” Most agents aren’t. At the conclusion of this module, attendees will understand the five key components of an effective elevator pitch. They will also understand the importance of having a rehearsed elevator pitch and be provided with the blueprint of developing an effective, compelling and engaging response to this age-old question. Email at for pricing and availability.

Mastering Your Time – Time Blocking

The common enemy robbing most agents from success is time. The most successful real estate entrepreneurs understand and manage their time effectively. In the module, attendees will understand the concept and value of time blocking, given tips on how to effectively time block and be introduced to the three most important areas in their schedules they must schedule time for. Email at for pricing and availability

Welcome to Real Estate – What Successful Agents Wish They Knew When They Started

This module is specifically designed for newer agents to the industry. It is perfect for the orientation setting. In this module, attendees will be exposed to thoughts, ideas and principles experienced and successful real estate agents would tell themselves if they could go back in time. This is the perfect foundational training opportunity to help agents get off on the right foot and start building a successful real estate career. Email at for pricing and availability.

Converting Leads and Building Your Referral Engine

To most marketing experts, there is no real secret as to why most agents don’t effectively convert leads into clients. It generally comes down to their tenacity and follow-up process. In this module, attendees will be given the blueprint on how to follow-up, when to follow-up and how often to follow-up with leads. In addition, attendees will learn the steps to turning their clients into an effective and high-performing referral engine where new leads keep coming in. Email at for pricing and availability.


The Six Mind Shifts of a Real Estate Entrepreneur (This can also be an all-day training)

The six figure mind shift is a daily process. A real estate entrepreneur who earns in the six figures approaches their business, time and clients in a way that separates them from the average agent. In Six Figure Mind Shift’s signature module, attendees will experience their own six figure mind shift by understanding what a real estate entrepreneur is and how to embrace the entrepreneur within. Attendees will be taken through the six mind shifts of a six figure real estate entrepreneur, which includes spotting the entrepreneur within, honing in on winning habits, incorporating those winning habits into their day-to-day business, measuring feedback in order to perfect those winning habits and developing a toughness to overcome failures and objections. Email at for pricing and availability.


The Six Mind Shifts of a Real Estate Entrepreneur (This can also be 3-hour training)

See description under 3-Hour Modules. Email at for pricing and availability.

27 Questions You Must Ask Before Building a Real Estate Team

For many successful real estate entrepreneurs, the next step is building their own team. However, they may lack the knowledge of where to begin and how to build a profitable one. In this module, attendees will answer the 27 top questions necessary to begin, will have a blueprint for success and have the necessary tools to build a financially productive team. Email at for pricing and availability.


Maximizing Your 5 Minutes (90 Minutes)

Real estate vendors spend a great deal of time and money sponsoring events for exposure to real estate agents. In most cases, a representative from the vendor is given a few minutes to introduce their company and talk about their services. Unfortunately, many of these representatives, whether from a lender, title company or home warranty company, are not properly trained and lack professional speaking skills. In this module, attendees will learn some simple tricks to public speaking and given the necessary tools to maximize those precious few moments allotted to them to represent their company. In addition, they will learn the most important activities they should be doing before, during and after the sponsored event. This is where the money is made. Email at for pricing and availability.


Michael P. Weinstein, MBA – Find Your Next Big Idea and Try It!

Mike is a successful real estate entrepreneur, business coach, national public speaker and radio talk show host. He attributes his success to his ability to research what other effective entrepreneurs are doing to bring them success and then giving those best ideas a try. Through his powerful speaking skills and witty sense of humor, Mike will challenge your audience to not be afraid to try new and effective ideas that can increase their level of success. Your audience will be taken through his journey of how one idea brought him success in real estate and eventually landed him as co-host of Mike & Winey and host of It’s Business Time w/ Mike Weinstein on 92.3 KTAR News in Phoenix, Arizona. Your attendees will walk away excited and highly motivated to find their next big idea and give it a try. Email at for pricing and availability.